Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new fitness blog

tumblr is easier i guess. lol. go there for my blog that i actually update. not that anyone reads this one anyway

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hello everybody

todays workout was weird. first time working out in a week cuz of projects and studying.

5x8 squats (225...-_-)
5x till failure each set of Bench,Chinups (bodyweight:155)

then i tried to do other exercises but i was way too light headed.

lol i suck.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

yesterday's workout

7?x5 super-ultra-deep squats (135, 185, 185, 185, 195, 195, 195)
5X10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press (55)
1x10 Arnold Press (45)
5x10 Decline Bench Press (175)
4x[8,9,10,11] Pull-ups
5x5 Romanian Deadlift (187)
1x10 Ab-ball-throw game (30)
2x12 Ab-Ball-Throwy game (20)
3 laps Farmers walks (45s)

then went to buca to kill my body with extra carbs

Thursday, April 7, 2011

legs are still sore

todays workout:

Superset: 2 Lunges (both sides), 5 Back squats
3 sets: 135
3 sets: 145
Superset: 3 Lunges (both sides), 4 Back squats
2 sets: 160

4 sets of 8,10,12,14 Calf Raises (135)

4x Superset:
8 Pullups
5 Seated Cable Row (85)

4x4 Flat Bench (225)
-did 5 reps on the last set

2 rounds: Split Situps, Vsits, full body crunches
3 sets: 10 Swissball Pull ins 10 side crunches

3x10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press (45 lol)

my legs are still sore from tuesday
abs were on fire

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i love food

todays workout:

5x8 Front squat (135,145,155,165,175)
2x5 Squat (135)
5x6 Dumbbell Bench (90)
- 6 pullups
-10 upright cable rows (70)
3x8 Push presses (65... lol)
3x5 Rounds of Lateral Raises (
2x5 Roman Deadlift (bar+60 kg... thats roughly 177)
1x8 Roman Deadlift (177)
1 round of Jacobs
3x10 Ab ball throwy thingy (25lb ball)

looking back at the weights, they arent that intimidating. but im really tired. weird.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I hate cleans..

Today's Workout:

6X8 Squats 225lbs

5x Superset:
8 reps Flat Bench 170lbs
10 Shoulder Raises 5lbs

4x Superset:
8 Chin ups
5 Cable Forward Tricep extensions 40 lbs
5 triceps pull downs 40 lbs
5 Seated Cable Row 55 lbs

5x Superset:
5 Hang Cleans 105lbs
5 Bent Over Bar Rows 105 lbs

3 Farmers Walks (roughly 120 meters)

4x8 Front Squats on a Bosu Ball 45 lbs

1 round of "Jacob Ups" (roughly 10 meters)
-jacob up: start off in pushup position, pushup, walk your hands forward, do a pushup with shoulders extended, then walk feet forward until you're back into pushup position, repeat.

I do not like Cleans. They made me really tired.
First time doing Jacob ups in a long time.

I like to do a whole body workout every time i go to the gym. I don't have enough time to go everyday because of work and school, so I go 3 times a day (tues, thurs, sunday). I also usually don't repeat the same workout every time. however, I do try to include squats and some form of bench press in every workout.

Oh yeah. I tested my dumbbell bench on thursday. I did 1 set of 5 with 90 lbs, and a set of 4 with 95. I guess I'm making progress.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brutal Crossfit workout

I did the WOD for tuesday march 23.

For Time:
70 Burpees
60 Situps
50 Kettlebell Swings (20 lbs)
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand pushups

I decided that 40 pull ups straight would be really hard so I split it up in 2 sets (45 burpees, 30 situps, etc.)

This workout was Epic. Tough. Brutal.
Burpees were really really tough after the first set. Sit ups weren't too bad I just did 30 straight each time. The swings were tough for the second set: i had to take a break after 30 reps. second set pull ups were tough as well: broke it down into 10, 5, 5. Handstand pushups were hard. I'm not skilled enough to do it without a wall. they were really hard. I had to do like 3-6 at a time.

I did the whole workout in 14:25. The fastest time on the Crossfit website was under 10 minutes... @_@

After the workout, I felt really lightheaded and wanted to throw up. Luckily, I didn't.

After that we just played around in the gym doing random exercises.
6 bent over rows, 10 pushup super set.
Triceps pull downs
and some ab exercises

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tour de Dedman

so today's workout was quite interesting.

tour de dedman is when you do every (or almost every) machine/ station in the gym with no rest in between each station

so basically you do 10 reps of every machine/bench/ excercise station etc.
i did this workout with 2 of my friends. we just took turns spotting each other when needed

Flat Bench- 185
Decline Bench- 185
Shoulder Press- 95
Flat Bench- 155
Incline Bench- 145
Flat Bench- 145
Deadlifts- 185
Cable Seated Rows- 140
Cable Flys- 20 on each side
Pull Ups- Body weight + 20lb dumbbell between my feet
Cable Seated Rows- 120
Cable Triceps Pulldown- 60
Cable Lat Pull Downs- 140
Cable Triceps Pulldown- 60
Cable Lat Pull Downs- 100   <--- lololol :\
Leg Press Machine #1- 185
Leg Press Machine #2- 270?
Leg Press Machine #3- 270?
Calf Raise + tibula raise- 50, 40
Easy Grip Bar Curls- 40
Barbell Military press- 80
"Grippy thingy"- 80 (held for 30 seconds)
Bent-Over Barbell Rows- 100
Seated Leg Curls #1- 120?
Seated Leg Extensions #1- 160?
Seated Leg Curls #2- 120?
Seated Leg Extensions #2- 160?
Woodchoppers- 27
Cable Shoulder Lateral Raises- 17
Machine Flys- 115
Machine Dips- 160
Machine Curls #1- 25 on each side
Machine Curls #2- 70 total
Calf Raise Machine- 140
"Butt Machine" #1- 270?
"Butt Machine" #2- 190
Hip Induction. dont care
Hip Abduction. dont care lol

wow that was kind of alot. haha. it was fun. maybe ill do that another time.
towards the end. i just started getting really tired. and i dont really remember the weights and the two hip exercises were kinda done jokingly.

i wanted to post some pics so i can record my progress.. lolol

i am already apologizing for the excessive amounts of douchieness

flexing... douche
i want a bigger chest. and CGI abs.

lol doucher. probably should do more deadlifts and pulls ups... no lats... :|

no flexing... i want my body to be tighter.... i hate cardio

anyways. this is what i am concerned with the most.. 
i want my arm to have 2 separate entities. shoulders/biceps.
right now its just one.... how do i fix it?? more shoulders??

see he has his shoulders then his bi/tri... i want that.
and he has an alright chest....

get on my level arnold..... jk ill get on yours.
actually i dont want to be THAT big.

Monday, March 14, 2011

workout for today

4x6 Deadlifts (225, 225, 225, 240)

5x5 Flat Bench (135, 185, 205, 225, 135)

4x5 Incline Bench (135, 135, 185, 135)

*Superset Squat-Pullups 6x8,6
(135, 135, 155, 155, 175, 175)- for squats

2x6 Arnold Press (35)

4x6? Dumbbell Shoulder Press (55)

5 minutes on stairmaster - "interval training"

Anyways, today was an alright workout. I dont like working out by myself. I don't like not having a spotter at the ready. im still uncomfortable asking random dudes to spot me.

deadlifts were alright. it was kinda hard to grip with a bandaid on my finger. but no excuses play like a champ. i say 6/10

bench was alright too. thats the first time ive done 225 without a spotter, i was kinda scared at first but it worked out fine.

i dont usually do incline bench. maybe i should start.. i had to have someone spot me for 185. it was kinda heavy for me :|

superset was tough. i usually dont do deep squats, hence my baby weights. i hate squats, i do not like them. pull ups were alright. my grip was kind of slippery... oh well. tried doing a muscle up. lolololol epic fail. i should learn so i can be so pro.

arnold presses. lolol i havent done them in a while, i was just curious to see how it would go. before i did 30s, and that was maybe 3 months ago... could have done more, should have done more (reps, sets, and weight)

shoulder press. they were tough i guess. moved up on weight i was repping 4x8 at 50 pounds last week.

i try do a little bit of cardio like 5-10 mins after each workout. lololol

didnt have enough time to do cleans, flys, abs... stuff i was planning on doing before my workout..  i had to meet up with the fambam... oh well i guess ill have to do them next time

Saturday, March 12, 2011

first post.

ive been meaning to start recording progresss.

no one will read this probably. this is mostly for me