Monday, March 21, 2011

Tour de Dedman

so today's workout was quite interesting.

tour de dedman is when you do every (or almost every) machine/ station in the gym with no rest in between each station

so basically you do 10 reps of every machine/bench/ excercise station etc.
i did this workout with 2 of my friends. we just took turns spotting each other when needed

Flat Bench- 185
Decline Bench- 185
Shoulder Press- 95
Flat Bench- 155
Incline Bench- 145
Flat Bench- 145
Deadlifts- 185
Cable Seated Rows- 140
Cable Flys- 20 on each side
Pull Ups- Body weight + 20lb dumbbell between my feet
Cable Seated Rows- 120
Cable Triceps Pulldown- 60
Cable Lat Pull Downs- 140
Cable Triceps Pulldown- 60
Cable Lat Pull Downs- 100   <--- lololol :\
Leg Press Machine #1- 185
Leg Press Machine #2- 270?
Leg Press Machine #3- 270?
Calf Raise + tibula raise- 50, 40
Easy Grip Bar Curls- 40
Barbell Military press- 80
"Grippy thingy"- 80 (held for 30 seconds)
Bent-Over Barbell Rows- 100
Seated Leg Curls #1- 120?
Seated Leg Extensions #1- 160?
Seated Leg Curls #2- 120?
Seated Leg Extensions #2- 160?
Woodchoppers- 27
Cable Shoulder Lateral Raises- 17
Machine Flys- 115
Machine Dips- 160
Machine Curls #1- 25 on each side
Machine Curls #2- 70 total
Calf Raise Machine- 140
"Butt Machine" #1- 270?
"Butt Machine" #2- 190
Hip Induction. dont care
Hip Abduction. dont care lol

wow that was kind of alot. haha. it was fun. maybe ill do that another time.
towards the end. i just started getting really tired. and i dont really remember the weights and the two hip exercises were kinda done jokingly.

i wanted to post some pics so i can record my progress.. lolol

i am already apologizing for the excessive amounts of douchieness

flexing... douche
i want a bigger chest. and CGI abs.

lol doucher. probably should do more deadlifts and pulls ups... no lats... :|

no flexing... i want my body to be tighter.... i hate cardio

anyways. this is what i am concerned with the most.. 
i want my arm to have 2 separate entities. shoulders/biceps.
right now its just one.... how do i fix it?? more shoulders??

see he has his shoulders then his bi/tri... i want that.
and he has an alright chest....

get on my level arnold..... jk ill get on yours.
actually i dont want to be THAT big.

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