Monday, March 14, 2011

workout for today

4x6 Deadlifts (225, 225, 225, 240)

5x5 Flat Bench (135, 185, 205, 225, 135)

4x5 Incline Bench (135, 135, 185, 135)

*Superset Squat-Pullups 6x8,6
(135, 135, 155, 155, 175, 175)- for squats

2x6 Arnold Press (35)

4x6? Dumbbell Shoulder Press (55)

5 minutes on stairmaster - "interval training"

Anyways, today was an alright workout. I dont like working out by myself. I don't like not having a spotter at the ready. im still uncomfortable asking random dudes to spot me.

deadlifts were alright. it was kinda hard to grip with a bandaid on my finger. but no excuses play like a champ. i say 6/10

bench was alright too. thats the first time ive done 225 without a spotter, i was kinda scared at first but it worked out fine.

i dont usually do incline bench. maybe i should start.. i had to have someone spot me for 185. it was kinda heavy for me :|

superset was tough. i usually dont do deep squats, hence my baby weights. i hate squats, i do not like them. pull ups were alright. my grip was kind of slippery... oh well. tried doing a muscle up. lolololol epic fail. i should learn so i can be so pro.

arnold presses. lolol i havent done them in a while, i was just curious to see how it would go. before i did 30s, and that was maybe 3 months ago... could have done more, should have done more (reps, sets, and weight)

shoulder press. they were tough i guess. moved up on weight i was repping 4x8 at 50 pounds last week.

i try do a little bit of cardio like 5-10 mins after each workout. lololol

didnt have enough time to do cleans, flys, abs... stuff i was planning on doing before my workout..  i had to meet up with the fambam... oh well i guess ill have to do them next time

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