Sunday, March 27, 2011

I hate cleans..

Today's Workout:

6X8 Squats 225lbs

5x Superset:
8 reps Flat Bench 170lbs
10 Shoulder Raises 5lbs

4x Superset:
8 Chin ups
5 Cable Forward Tricep extensions 40 lbs
5 triceps pull downs 40 lbs
5 Seated Cable Row 55 lbs

5x Superset:
5 Hang Cleans 105lbs
5 Bent Over Bar Rows 105 lbs

3 Farmers Walks (roughly 120 meters)

4x8 Front Squats on a Bosu Ball 45 lbs

1 round of "Jacob Ups" (roughly 10 meters)
-jacob up: start off in pushup position, pushup, walk your hands forward, do a pushup with shoulders extended, then walk feet forward until you're back into pushup position, repeat.

I do not like Cleans. They made me really tired.
First time doing Jacob ups in a long time.

I like to do a whole body workout every time i go to the gym. I don't have enough time to go everyday because of work and school, so I go 3 times a day (tues, thurs, sunday). I also usually don't repeat the same workout every time. however, I do try to include squats and some form of bench press in every workout.

Oh yeah. I tested my dumbbell bench on thursday. I did 1 set of 5 with 90 lbs, and a set of 4 with 95. I guess I'm making progress.

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